DayZ Install Guide For Steam Users

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So you've heard the hype, you've read Greetings from Chernarus and you want to be involved in the DayZ phenomenan. Getting the mod working however can often be a tricky process, so here's a guide that should get you up and running in no time.

Step 1 - Buy ARMA II: Combined Operations

There are ways to make DayZ run on the free version of ARMA II, but it involves a lot of hacking to make it work correctly. If you want to go down this long and tiresome road, be my guest, but the easiest solution is to buy ARMA II: Combined Operations from the Steam Store.

Once you have downloaded both ARMA II and Operation Arrowhead you will need to run both games at least once before installing the mod. At this point you may get error messages about your CD key being invalid. If this is the case exit Steam, and run it as administrator. This will fix your issue.

Step 2 - Download ARMA II Beta Patch

The latest versions of DayZ require you to be running the latest ARMA II beta patches, so we highly reccomend that you download and run the exe. These beta patches are frequent, so click here and bookmark the page. The latest patch always appears at the top in the green bar, so download and run the .exe to patch your game.

Step 3 - Download and Extract DayZ Files

Now the fun begins! Head on over to this link and download the following files:


Once you have downloaded all the DayZ files you'll need to locate your ARMA II: CO folder (steam/steamapps/common/arma 2 operation arrowhead). In here you need to make a new folder and name it @DayZ.

Now open up the @DayZ folder and create a new folder. Name this one addons. Place all the DayZ mod files into this folder, and then select all and extract them. Once the files are extracted you can delete the .RAR files.

Step 4 - Download and Configure ARMA II Launcher

We're just one step away from zombie slaying action. Download this launcher program and install it. While it's not necessary, it makes life a lot easier. Once you open it up it will ask you to locate you ARMA II and Operation Arrowhead .exe files. Once that has been completed you will need to do the following:

On the addons tab you should see @dayz as an available addon. You need to drag it across to the Addon Groups structure on the right, place it into Group 1and ensure that @dayz, Group 1 and Addons/Mods are ticked.

At the bottom of that screen you need to add the following in the Parameters section: "-mod=F:\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca;Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@dayz" -nosplash -world=empty Quotation marks included!

Finally ensure that Game Version is set to ArmA II - CO.

Now click on Launch Options. Here you need to click Run Beta, No Splash Screen, select Default World as empty and ensure that your Arma II - OA Beta exe has been selected (for me it is located F:\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe )

Step 5 - Enjoy The Game!

You did it! DayZ should be up and running and you'll be fighting for your lives in no time. If you're jumping into this amazing world, ensure you let us know in the offiical MMGN thread!

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I've been having quite a few problems playing a decent game of this but followed a totally different guide to your one, I'll try this one later today. Thanks Heller!
Day Z updates quite frequently, with 1.7.1 due fairly soon (with some amazing changes such as better mocap'd animations for zombies, ability to hide from zombies, ZOMBIES NOT ABLE TO HIT THROUGH WALLS/DOORS!). The ArmA 2 beta updates even more frequently be sure to check often.

Also make sure you only download the required files, as there was an incident not long ago with the ftp server being hacked and a malicious file uploaded for download by unsuspecting users.

If you have the cash to splash, the DLC for ArmA 2 (such as Private Military Company, British Armed Forces) adds High Resolution player skins and textures.

Army of the Czech Republic DLC will be out in a short while as well...apparently certain areas inland can flood :P
Watching Heller playing this game before, its so stunning... except the zombies teleport -_-
Might do a live stream tonight, yeah heller?
Thanks heaps for this @Heller ;)

And been hearing some epic stories of survival and death in DayZ, And more n more i hear spikes my interest more!
Saw some videos online and the sense of discovery and (lack of) teamwork is amazing. Reminds me of a mix between Fallout (the way the game runs), The Road (trust issues), and the plethora of zombie shooters out there (zombies?). (*)
The area to change my parameters is greyed out and I can not edit it

help pl0x
hey heller thanks for the guide.. im just downloading the 2 games now.. then ill do the next step.. guide looks very helpful thanks :)
No worries mate. If you get into strife, just shoot me a PM and I'll help you out.
Ditto to above. My Parameters box cannot be edited. Any help?

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