In pursuit of the Zerg

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After pre-ordering the impressive deluxe edition of the game and running out to get it on release day, I am guilty of shirking my Starcraft duties in favour of reading instead. Having always been a Terran player, I’m comfortable with the hot keys and easy transfer between bio and mech strategies during multiplayer. Heart of the Swarm places me in the hands of Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades controlling the masses of Zerg.

Throughout my Starcraft career, I’ve never defected to Zerg. Something about the lack of defenses, the strange evolution patterns and just the sliminess of it all didn’t really appeal to me. Having to do my MMGN review of the game, I sat through the first few sets of missions of the campaign and must I say…there’s something strangely gratifying about seeing your gigantic Zerg army consume powerful units. The campaign also lets you control the overpowered Kerrigan, who can bring down powerful units with the power of a Crushing Blow. I guess getting out of my comfort zone has never been so fun…

But my first multiplayer game said it all. 3v3 with the usual gang, Terran/Zerg/Zerg v Zerg/Zerg/Protoss (it’s apparent everyone’s become a Zerg player lately eh?). We won the game and I gained my first Zerg level, which was something I never thought I’d be able to achieve in a short amount of time. But only because my Terran player dropped out and I took over his units. Haha, that’s the kicker isn’t it?

With the strategy guide ordered and the rest of the campaign to go, I’m sure I’ll be fully equipped to handle myself out there in the real world. Until then, I must build more overlords…

Check out the review of the game here.

Collector’s edition unboxing here.

What do you think of HoTS? Are you a seasoned Starcraft 2 player? Let me know on the comments below!
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Haha in 3v3 chances are everyone will be a Zerg, I've had that since WoL.
Tbh you should find the hotkeys easier with zerg, as you don't need to have multiple production hotkeys, just bind all your hatches onto one key and that leaves all the others free for units/queens. You should try rebinding the Tab key (I think it's tab) to space bar, so you can switch between each of your hatches for quick injects by tapping it. Good luck with your pursuit of zerg mastery! [Derp]

Edit: Oh, I just realised you're probably talking about hotkeys for building stuff. Some of the hotkeys are in really awkward positions or just don't make sense in terms of what the thing is called, so I've rebinded heaps of them to more convenient and easy to remember positions, makes it so much better!
Yeah, the hotkeys for building is SO different especially having to manage your larvae. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though. What are you ranked as Zerg Makra?

Yo ManicPanda, whats your Blizzard ID? I think mine is Jubilee251
Hehe larvae, not that hard to hold down D, trololol :D That's what any zerg-hating terran or protoss would say lol. But really just keep on top of your injects, drone hard and fast early game and then hold Z/R/T and you're on your way to victory! =)

I was 1v1 diamond, team games master league.
Seems like I've got a few things to learn from you. Care for a game some time? Had so much fun last time we were like T/T/T lol

Why do you need to hold down D? Seriously, I'm a noob.
For the past few weeks I've been watching a lot of Husky's starcraft casts and one thing I do notice is how much potential zerg has now. I haven't seen any team games but i can imagine that a muta + swarm host combo would utterly destroy because it sucks them back to their base and then traps them.

I think a lot of P players will be complain a great deal because they really only got a buff to air and a maxed deathball is still a better option from what I can tell.

Terran otherwise known as mech now are going to be so much harder to death with due to hellbat drops. The boost to tanks not needing to research siege mode really helps in terms of mech getting their push started.

I think that P are the real losers with this expansion, but I would have to play some games myself to make a final call. Oh and all of this is coming from somebody who use to play P in gold back when sc2 was first released.
We know Blizzard, whatever inbalances they have now they will keep on adjusting until it's fair. Terran Hellbats are freaking amazing not to mention Siege Tanks having free siege now. I can really see what you mean about Z&T being OP but we'll see how it goes as the season progresses.

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