Which games can’t you bring yourself to play?

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The recently released Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS comes with six possible difficulty settings. There’s ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Insane’, and on each of them you can either turn ‘Casual’ mode on or off, which toggles whether or not the characters who die during battles stay dead.

Death has always been a major part of every Fire Emblem, bar this one and the last one (a DS release that never made it outside of Japan, for some reason). If you lose a member of your team in battle, you can either restart the fight in the hopes of not having them die, or you can move on without that character for the rest of the game. Consequently, my in game clock’s play time is about half of what my 3DS’ Activity Log reports.

As an experienced Fire Emblem player, ‘Casual Mode’ seems almost blasphemous. Yet director Genki Yokota admitted in an April interview that, despite initially feeling the same way, this choice has ultimately opened up the game to new players.

Accessibility is something I’ve spoken about on here before, but it’s something Fire Emblem, I think, has handled very elegantly. Still, my embracing of the harder style of Fire Emblem gameplay, and the idea that some other people just can’t do this, has got me thinking about the games that I just can’t ever seem to bring myself to play.

For a long time now, I’ve struggled with big RPGs. I played Fallout 3 and Skyrim for about five hours each and loved them, but stopped because there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Similarly, I was sent a copy of Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen last week, and while it looks staggeringly brilliant the idea of sinking into another huge RPG terrifies me. I put this down to my enormous backlog, more than anything -- the time I could spend making a dent in any of these worlds could be spent finishing one of the many, many other games I have sitting around.

This is, of course, a rare privilege that comes from a combination of being a lucky game reviewer and having a poor grasp of both time and economics. But then, it’s not just big RPGs that I avoid for their time sink potential: I’ve had The Simpsons Tapped Out on my phone since before it even properly launched. I am yet to open it up, because I learned some lessons from my crippling Jetpack Joyride addiction.

And then, you have games like Dark Souls. I want to play Dark Souls. I want to love it the way the rest of you do. But the idea of actually going through with it just makes me feel anxious. Along similar lines, I’d love to go back to Far Cry 2 but probably never will. When I played it on 360, the restrictive save system intimidated the hell out of me. Starting the game up started to seem like a huge time investment.

Perhaps my reasoning is silly. Maybe, one day, I’ll come back to all of these games.

But I want to know -- which games have you had sitting on your shelves or in your digital collections for a long time that you simply can’t bring yourself to play, even though a part of you really wants to give them the time you believe they deserve?

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Which games can’t you bring yourself to play? Comments

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I'm also scared of starting most RPGs. I've been meaning to play Persona 4 for ages, but I don't see it actually happening.

Also Sleeping Dogs I just haven't done.
I haven't started Skyrim yet, large part of it being i bought the game for PS3, so had been waiting for all the patches, may give it a try soon, i've heard most bugs / glitches that ruin the game have been fixed now.
I have BF3 and BO2 but I know if I install them I won't pass uni, oh and I have the first 3 WoW expansions, but don't want to get back into that or else I will never see daylight again.
Call of duty 4
Killzone 3. Just lost absolutely all interest that I can't seem to pass the first mission - twice.
Dark Souls for me too....
i cannot bring myself to play COD anymore its all the same now, milking the series way too much.
Basically anything with zombies because I'm a little bitch.
Even Serious Sam 3 made me quit due to fear.
Where do I start.... I have a Steam list of games I haven't had the motivation to even start. I know they are good games but I get fixated on another game I keep playing that until I get what I want out of it. I will get around to playing them all though.
The most recent one being Zombie U, I played it for a while and then died and since you lose everything when you die I get lazy and say "I'll come back to it later" and it's been like 3 months now since I've touched that game, I like it and want to play it, just CBF with it right now.
skyrim. My cousin borrowed it 2 weeks after i bought it on release date. Avoids me..

KeyDriell said: I have BF3 and BO2 but I know if I install them I won't pass uni, oh and I have the first 3 WoW expansions, but don't want to get back into that or else I will never see daylight again.

Uni is easier then high school... I assume you must be doing science doctor degree?
it's bad when you don't play a game because you know it will consume a large part of your time/life force...
All in favour we fire @Jickle for only playing 5 hours of Skyrim?
Dishonoured. I played the first mission and really enjoyed it. But then I got busy and left it for like 3 months. I really want to go back but I just can't be bothered trying to figure everything out again and re-learn the story.
Umm... Clash of Clans, I don't have an addictive behaviour, but I think they've got the nudge/habit forming system down to keep bringing you back.
The Witcher, I started playing it, it got really tough, left it for a bit and now I have now idea about storyline or how to play the game. I think I was a good 15 hours in...
Fallout New Vegas and Fable 3. Just keep putting them off, as other games that don't take as long to playthrough keeps popping up.
grand theft auto anything , I get to the flying missions and I suck..
I hear ya on this.
I only get 2-3hrs after work to play anything at all.
And not all that much time on the weekends.
But I will say that I have invested 80+ hrs into Skyrim, and 100+ hrs in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.
I hesitate to goto back to Skyrim coz I know it'll take over what little time I have.
I've got many many RPG's in my library of 200 PS3 games ranging from the Alterier series to GTA 4. If the game doesn't really grasp me in the first hour or so, I tend to just leave it till I can really be bothered. Dark Souls is a game that (to me) requires time to play and learn, so I find that intimidating along with other long RPG's.

Gryllis said: All in favour we fire @Jickle for only playing 5 hours of Skyrim?

Nay. Us non-Skyrimmers have to stand together.
I also couldn't get into Skyrim or Bioshock games..

milo said: I also couldn't get into Skyrim or Bioshock games..

I only just started the first Bioshock last week, it's actually pretty good, different, but good.
It's waaaay too broad. I commend people for sticking with it, but I like my games pretty straight-forward, because I'm such a simpleton.

I like Fallout, for the record. I just can't play it.
Same as derm fallout is my game, mainly cause I got so far into the game and then i lost my save data and never touched it again
Bioshock, everyone says its good but it just looks... scary
Halo 4 because 1, 2 and 3 were all crap

Bioshock as not even close to being slightly scary
Jesus christ my list would be soooo long. I'm most like Guyver after reading all these posts, but so many of them ring true for me too. Milo also has the same problem with GTA as me. I have never completely finished GTA4 despite loving it, because I got to what I believe is the last mission and theres this bit where you have to spam a key to get from your boat into a chopper, and being a PC gamer I'm literally never ready for this until it's too late so I failed it and would have had to start the mission again. I didn't. I never touched the game again despite getting like 95% through it or more...

Skyward Sword! I am up to the 2nd last dungeon, stopped playing, never went back. Twilight Princess - up to the Temple of Time with basically everything 100% up to that point, stopped playing, never went back.

I used to be someone who took pride in completing the crap out of games, but Steam has broken me. I've turned into a mindless consumer of "Wow thats so cheap, I'll buy it" and as such have over 300 games on Steam, approximately 70% at a guess I have literally never even started up.

I have little time to game these days so I feel like if I don't spend that playing with friends I am wasting it. Because of that feeling, I never play single player games through now. Far Cry 3, BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, The Walking Dead, Trine, Flashpoint Red River, Command and Conquer 3, Call of Duty: BO2 and Amnesia. All of these games I have very recently started with the intent of finishing, and not finished. And I mean this is like only the last 6 months probably. If I go further back it would get longer...

Essentially gaming = fml. I still love it and still want to play it but in reality when I have the time I keep doing something else and it annoys the hell out of me. I took 2 weeks leave from work a while back, inspired by Guyvers leave which he used to finish a heap of games and wanted to do the same... I think I finished like one game and played very few more.
Pretty sure we played Borderlands 2 almost the entire time :P

Mine would probably be Braid. I got like halfway through and just stopped for no real reason, I probably got stuck on a puzzle and just forgot about it entirely.
Oh, another one - I have gotten to the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time *three times*, and then just stopped playing it. I have no idea why. Maybe next fortnight I'll go back, play it, and write about that?
My list is way too long :L
Most games of recent times. They all just feel the same and are missing the one thing i played games for and thats fun
Can't really bring myself to play Red Dead Redemption anymore, I completed the storyline within a week and unlocked everything on Multiplayer within 3 weeks.

I can't bring myself to play - WoW, Skyrim, Drake's Uncharted series, candy crush, and the Resident Evil series...
Call of duty 4 :D
Can't really bring myself to playing RPG's these days as I just don't have the time like to use to when I was younger.

rancid13 said: Uncharteds

Same here I still got Uncharted3 wrapped in its plastic lol

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