[COMP] Win one of five copies of Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Hey guys!

Thanks to our new friends at Frictional Games, we're giving you the chance to win one of five copies of Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

For information on the new survival/horror title from this achieved developer, visit amnesiagame.com/...

How to enter:
Tell us in 25 words or more your scariest experience with a video game. Be as descriptive as possible!

Some simple rules:
- One post per person - excess will be deleted.
- You may edit your post as you deem necessary until the competition ends.
- Entries must contain at at least 25 words.

The competition will end at 11:59pm on the 8th of September. Winners will be contacted on the 9th of September, 2010, ready for the release of the title.

Note: You must be an Australian resident and of age 15 years or older to enter.
my most scary video game moment was in the mannequin scene of condemned. i shat bricks.

admin: please elaborate, 25 words or more.
EDIT: oops. thought it was 25 words or less. well your in this old abandoned building (i think, haven't played it in a while) and you see this group of mannequins. okay, cool manequins, who cares? but when you turn away and look back theyve got closer and it really messes with you. you dont know if theyre gonna jump on you, attack you or if your just imagining it. scary as hell(or at least scared me) i think for something to be truly scary it has to have the physical factor and the mental factor. This creeped me out because it had the mannequins physically moving when you weretn looking and you wondering if they were alive or were you imagining it.
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My scariest video game experience was playing Banjo Kazooie on the N64 in Clinkers Cavern. I was little, I thought everything in that freaky level was out to get me :p
I'd have to say the time there was a blackout/power outage while playing Silent Hill 4, in the abandoned subway station.
A fizzle was heard and the power shut off, my senses became paralysed, a unconquerable fear came over me.
I curled up into a ball on the ground, the ramifications of what was happening were beginning to form in the back of my mind.

I wasn't scared of the darkness, i'd forgotten to save. :'@
Playing dead space, the original, had no idea what the game was about, in the dark, the sofa was middle of the room, heaps space behind me. then BAM, this huge insect thingy jumped on to the screen, i screamed like a little girl.
My scarest was when i was about 11 playing resident evil 2 i believe on ps1 with my older brother. i was about 12:30am and mum was at work so we had the house to ourselves. all the lights were out surround sound pumping bass to full. anyway walling through a hallway in the game when the lights started flickering as i went around a corner to enter another hallway a zombie jumps out from a locker a grabs me biting into my kneck, It scared the jeepers out of me.

It may not seem like much but i remember having alot of trouble sleeping that night .
Playing Bungi's "Pathways into Darkness" back in the day as I was quite young. I couldn't even finish the demo as I was so scared. What were those things anyway? They looked like...well...I won't tell you what we called them, but they had no arms, no neck, no face or even a head, just a mouth with teeth all around it and a huge tongue flapping about in the air. They moved in total silence. They spewed toxic projectile vomit in your general direction in total silence, and they made a horrible screech like a budgie going through a silenced lawn mower when you shot them.

Of course there was mummies and ghosts and all that, but those particular foe haunt me to this day...

EDIT: Yea I though it was 25 or less as well :P
When I was around 12, Pikmin on Nintendo Gamecube was a scary game for me. The fear of losing my Pikmin and not getting back to the ship at sunset made me scared ;O
Lol i thought it said 25 words or less... Anyway

A few years back i was playing Uncharted Drakes Fortune at like 1am in the dark. Well I didn't know there was going to be weird ass zombie things hunting me down. So when the first one screamed at me and pounced out of the darkness I basically shat my pants. It also ruined my sleep for that night. I remember being to scared to walk to my room in darkness. So I left the lounge room light on and turned the all the lights on all the way to my room, then went back and turned them all off just so I didn't have to walk to my room in darkness. Damn zombies.

nothing07 said: Lol i thought it said 25 words or less...

Yeah dude.. we want people to be as descriptive as possible.. what makes the game scary, what their reaction was, etc.

everyone is free to edit their post until the competition ends..
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I have a large obsession with lara croft, even owning several 300 dollar statues. I was playing the first Tomb Raider and due to my obsession, would try very hard not to kill her because it made me upset. I was in the caves and went around the corner very slowly and a tiger jumped out at me, I screamed so loud and chucked the controller in the air. Mum thought I was dying or something and the next time i went back to that point i had to get my sister to walk around the corner and kill the tiger for me.
My scariest experience will always be the time when I put Resident Evil in my Gamecube, and I will never forget it.

I was about 10 years old at the time. I went to the video store to rent a game for the weekend, and picked this one. The scene was set for that evening when I witnessed blood dripping onto a human head from the mouth of a zombie. I ran the hell out of there as Jill Valentine before my teammate took care of the monster.

I shivered with every step I took through that creepy mansion. The lights dim; the thunder crashing; the bloodthirsty zombies hiding around many corners. But you know what? I couldn't stop playing. I couldn't stop, because of those ink ribbons. Every time I wanted to save, I had to use one of them. But there was no way of knowing how many there were. I had use them carefully.

I was possessed by the game. I wanted to sleep, but knew I couldn't. I had very little ammunition with me; the zombies were strong and the knife was useless. I was constantly on edge and growing increasingly tired. I had to do everything I could before I saved, for the sake of efficiency. The hours of travelling through that house with scary background music had my heart pounding rapidly.

Soon enough, it all caught up with me.

I grew weak, and let my guard down. The zombies overwhelmed me; there was nothing I could do. After playing for so long, I died. My hands were shaking. I had been so scared for such a long time. I felt I had achieved so much, but it was all lost. I didn't save often enough. I couldn't handle the pressure anymore.

I never played that game again...

However, it came back to haunt me once more.

I borrowed the first in the Resident Evil: Archives series from my friend about a month ago. I knew of my previous experience with Resident Evil, and I felt that this time I could finish it. I had played through Resident Evil 4 in the past, and went through numerous playthroughs of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for the DS. I felt I was ready, to finally beat the scariest game I have ever played.

I was horribly wrong. Starting my game as Chris was a mistake; the locked doors and broken handles made it so hard to traverse through the mansion without getting mauled by undead canines or zombies in tight passageways. I did learn from last time, however. I saved fairly frequently, and there were a few ink ribbons in the storage box. But ammunition was still as low as ever, and I was all alone.

Despite the game taking over the remaining parts of sanity in my mind, I tried to treat it like a challenge. The game was taking its psychological toll, screwing up my head. But after rushing through a corridor, there was a crash of glass and the music suddenly went crazy. I thought it was from behind me, so I ran. I turned one corner, and then the next. And I ran into the worst scenario possible.

There were a horde of zombies all cluttered, walking slowly around and blocking my path. They were the ones who got through the window, but that didn't matter. I ran straight into them, and they took turns devouring my body. I died quickly, and was in utter disbelief afterwards. Once more, I had to stop playing. It was the most unbelievable thing; four zombies against one is not fair. I felt tortured and completely stripped of my courage. I turned the Wii off and handed the game back to my friend the next day.

Fear can't kill you. But... I still have hope that I will complete this game without dying too many times.
Will close at 11.59pm on the 8th. We'll do our very best to pick out/notify winners on the 9th so you guys can be among the first to grab the game.

Remember to edit your post if you're looking to enter. :)
the scariest games ever where resident evil 1&2. the part in number 2 where william birkin trys to infect the chief in the sewer. only for a cut-scene 100x worse than any aliens movie when it cant merge with his dna and burst's out his chest. both those games put horror gaming on the map. there wasnt anything that came close to being that scary untill silent hill 2. [Derp]

EDIT www.youtube.com/...
@7.30 was way better when i was 13
The scariest gaming experience I have is actually from Far Cry 2. My best buddy was a woman named Nasreen Davar. I was sweeping a drug plantation, and to help me out Nasreen flew a crop duster over the area, dropping defoliant to remove the bad guys' hiding places. A few minutes later I heard a dull explosion, and immediately Nasreen was on the phone telling me to get the hell over there because she'd taken some AA on the way back to the airport and now she was surrounded.

I began the drive over, but within a few seconds there was a technical with a mounted grenade launcher on my tail. I could ignore a machinegun, but a grenade launcher is dangerous so I dealt with it before continuing. On reaching the crash site I could hear sporadic gunfire for a few seconds, and then suddenly nothing. I fought my way to the plane's twisted hulk and there was Nasreen sprawled on the floor, three baddies dead around her. I gave her every morphine syrette I had, but at the end she asked for the pistol.

What was the scary part in all this? Well I felt so horrible, so sad for letting down a friend, that I reloaded the game and as soon as her plane crashed I jumped into the car and floored it. The grenade launcher technical was still there and I ignored it to save time, and every swerve I made was punctuated by an explosion just narrowly missing me. I was worried about the grenade launcher, but I was terrified that I would be too late again, that my friend would be dead and nothing I tried would make her live — that maybe this was something I couldn't fix.

When I got to the crash site I drove as far into the jungle as I could, not bothering to brake. I unholstered my flare gun as I stumbled out of the car and fired flares towards the sound of gunfire, trying to distract the bad guys by setting the jungle around them on fire. As I moved towards the sound of Nasreen's voice I threw grenades, fired into the air, anything to make noise and draw attention to myself. I had ignored everything in my mad dash, and now I was at the crash site and there were eight or ten guys in all directions, including the guys who had chased me on the way in. The fight was short and brutal, and I was happy to see Nasreen still standing at the end of it.

What stands out about all this is that it wasn't a trick: it wasn't a cheap monster-jumps-out-of-closet deal, it wasn't a lights-go-out-and-building-groans scenario. The game had inspired actual fear and panic on an emotional level, and that's what all games should try to accomplish.
My scariest moment in a game would have to be from the original F.E.A.R game, when I first saw Alma Wade. I had my headset on listening to the game music through them and then all I hear is Alma's voice. I just freaked out never ever been so scared in my life, all I could hear is her voice I kept looking around my room trying to find out where she is. After finishing the game I couldn't sleep for 3 days all because I was in constant that she was watching me ready to take me out.
My second scariest moment was near the end of Assassin's Creed 2 where SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

Minerva was talking to Ezio. Except she wasn't talking to Ezio, she was talking to me, looking right at me. It was a break in the fourth wall that I had not expected, and the entire reality of the game — that it was just a simulation, that none of it was actually happening — overtook me, even though I had known it all along.

P.S. This is not my official entry, sorry about the extra post. =(
It's 3am, the parentals have gone on Holiday to QLD and I haven't slept in a week..
There's nothing on tv but lame reality shows and figured what better way to kill off some steam and time than play Dead Space.
Having never played it before I had no idea what to expect, set it up on the widescreen and hooked it up to the sound system.
After killing a load of necromorphs I figured I was getting the hang of it and was pretty smug to be honest. I was running down the corridor and I saw a corpse and being all high and mighty at the time, continued to stomp on it's face. Then all of a sudden, it gets up, smacks me out and feeds on me D:
I didn't sleep another whole week......
Can't sleep, corpse might eat me.
Alien vs Predator 2.
Played it early this year, heard it was scary so I decided to get it.

What I didn't know, is that the first 30 mins of the game has no Aliens. So I spent maybe 2-3 hours walking VERY slowly absolutely terrified of what was to come. It was the longest build up to anything ever.
The first alien I saw I literally fell backwards off my computer chair and quickly scrambled out of the room.

At the end of that chapter there is this bit where tonnes of aliens come and you have to get back to your ship. I think their was only like 5-10 but I wasn't really sure. I just bolted. If you have ever run from something you will know the feeling I felt.
Complete and utter fear. All I could do was run, turning around was not an option for me.
I heard all their screeches behind me the whole way.
I eventually made it back and the chapter finished.
I was so terrified I stopped playing the game.

Still intend to pick it up once I get over my fear for it :/

Btw, conditions I played it in were no one in the house, no lights on, sound way up.

If you want to be scared, I highly recommend AVP2 :P
I remember when I was 4 or 5 and we had a few games on floppy disks for our computer. These were VERY old games. I was playing a game, I think it was a medieval platformer game and, since I was 4 or 5, I got scared of the credits...I have no idea why, but it seemed as though scrolling text scared the hell outta me when I was little, I remember trying to avoid it and running out before I saw them...
Playing Resident Evil 4, got yelled at by my sister for having it way to loud so put headphones on, two seconds later massive lake monster tried to eat me, needless to say I was no longer playing Resident Evil 4, and my sister got her peace and quite.
It was a dark and stormy night i tel you this. claps of thunder illuminated the sky torrential rainfall hitting the roof like an army march. me in the darkest of darks playing dead space full audio northing but the TV pierced through the darkness:
a cool Mexican engineer working on a computer so that he can initiate the asteroid defense systems, shrieks of death pierced through the TV. tension building in the music, a drop of sweat on his brow THEN nothing you calibrate the comp and you go through the door and THEN BAM a giant tentacle comes out of nowhere and grabs you and scraps you into the abyss you try to grab hold and crawl away but it overpowers you and pulls you into it hole blood gushes out and you hear Issac scream in pain till the screen goes red and fades away :E

i tell you it scared me soo much i didnt scream i just went numb in fear and curled up into the fetal position enveloped by darknes till my parents came home :'@
Playing the resident evil 1 demo on the PS was probably the only time i've been scared by a video game (Mind you I was like 9 or 12), You started out in a cop station and as soon as you stepped outside eety music would start to play and there wasn't much lighting. A zombie dogged jumped out with a loud growel, And since I didn't know the controls and couldn't shoot I jumped and almos shat myself.
when I first got my PS3 it came with Fear.
The noises and how you turn a corner and see a shimmer of somthing pass a doorway. That totally freaked me out.
To this day I still haven't finished the game, kinda sad but it just got to me.
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