Buying Steam Games From Overseas

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Hey all,

So many people have been asking about it so I thought I would make one place where everyone can go to find out how it is done, hopefully it will get stickied so it always stays near the top :P

Anyway, to purchase steam games from overseas (very handy for things like uncensored left 4 dead 2 and cheaper games/deals we don't get here) go to
and create a free 2 hour trial account, all you need is a valid email address, that will show you a screen similar to

Download one of the VPN tools available on the page

If I remember correctly the second one was the easiest to use, but try them out see which you like best.

Now depending on which tool you get you type in your anonimity network username and password, choose a country (U.K or US) and click connect.
This will restart your network connection, so don't freak out when it tells you your internet isn't connected, just let it work. When it is finished log back in to the anonimity network webpage and where your IP address and country is on the side of the screen it should now say your new IP address and whatever country you chose to connect to.
Now just go to the steam website in the country you selected:


and buy your game as normal, you can login to your account on the website (steam accounts are worldwide, it won't reset your country) and purchase whatever you want, just remember to set your country to the same as your IP and tick the "I live in the country above" box

I havn't tried paypal this way, but it definately works with a credit card, I think Skarteh was using paypal through it though, so it should work

If you like it you can purchase time for about $3 a day whenever you want to use it again, or use a new email for another 2 hour free trial

And there you go, happy buying
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Epic bump for Marshall :D if anyone wants Black Ops....
I don't have a credit card atm. Currently between them, waiting for my new :(

Don't suppose I could bank transfer you some dosh? :P
W00T!! Thanks Skar!! *_* *_*
woah all classic gtas 10 bucks :)
I keep getting "There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance."

Is there any other places like anonymity network? I already used up my trial so...

barkley said: woah all classic gtas 10 bucks

You need to be careful of out-of-region games like that. You can buy them just fine, but you won't be able to download them.

tiberius said: Is there any other places like anonymity network? I already used up my trial so...

I just pay $3 for 24h use.

Thank Az not me he's the one who found it and showed me how :)

That error is usually your address nit matching up. I usually use a NY address + Zipcode which is why um reluctant to do this often. I don't like lying :(
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I'm not paying $3...i just want the GTA games [Rage]
so can we buy and download what ever we want from us steam using this?
Yeah once its purchased its tied to your account so you just go back to AU Steam to download.

Thats how you get uncensored L4D2, once its bought you download anywhere.
@ Skarteh, I hate lying also, decided against trying to do it...
Hey hey, you're a bit wrong. You don't need to use a VPN at all.

Here is how I do it:

1) Go to UK site
2) Add game to cart
3) Checkout
4) When selecting payment method, select Visa/Mastercard etc (don't use the details currently on file).
5) Enter your card details, remembering to change your country dropdown to UK. They don't care about your address, either.
6) Win.

I don't like lying either, but I think it's indicative of a certain kind of stupidity if I voluntarily pay twice as much as I know I should. This is Digital Distribution; there's no possible, valid, excuse for charging one region more than another — there remains only the fact that the people in that region have gotten used to being ripped off, and the distributor expects to be able to continue ripping them off.
I've heard that method can actually get you banned... [Shifty]

tiberius said: I've heard that method can actually get you banned...

I have not heard any such detail. I had a problem with checking out one time that I asked Steam for support with (not mentioning I was buying from UK, of course) and they responded without citing me for it.

I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry, though. After all, with the money you're saving buying from the UK instead of from AUS/US, you'll definitely be able to afford the $3 for one-day VPN.
The problem is, the VPN tools don't seem to want to work for me....

EDIT: Would that above method work with paypal....?
does this method still work? trying to get l4d2 for some mates and cant seem to get it to work.
get to the last conformation and it tells me an unexpected error occurred
i would also like to know if A2ra3l method still works.

Doesn't work anymore it seems. This is bad news.
Okay, I've changed the way I do this.

1. Have two different payment methods to make things simpler. Easiest is to use Paypal for domestic Steam purchases, and the credit card attached to the Paypal account for foreign purchases.

2. Whenever you make a purchase, don't save your payment information with Steam. It remembers your last location this way, which is why it doesn't let you just change the dropdown.

3. If you keep the two payment methods separate, Steam shouldn't kick up a fuss. This is confirmed working (on the UK site at least) as of this morning.
I havn't tried it for a while, I used to get the error has occurred message sometimes if I had set something wrong in the address field or if the credit card I was using didn't work on overseas websites (some banks seem to block them for security, only had this problem with one card so far)

If I had anything I wanted to buy I would check it, but Skarteh has been using it more often than I have so if he says it is no longer working I would believe him.

Desi seems to have found a way to do it though, probably wouldn't work for me though as I think I clicked to remember my info at one point, lol
UK is probably easier. US makes you match up states/zipcodes etc. I'll try UK next time. I never had issues using my card on both and I have used the exact process I just tried numerous times and this is my first issue.

Hopefully UK keeps working. It'll be a sad day when we are forced to pay the ridiculous prices imposed on us. Might change to CD Key sites for Steam games if any are reliable. I'm ****ed if I'll pay $90US for a digital download because I live here.
so ummm i really want sims 3 for $29.95 from the US steam.. but I'm scared i don't wanna **** up my steam account.. i just don't wanna pay $79.95.. I'm willing to pay someone through pay pay if they gift me the game.. or is there a safer method.. i have asked this before but i forgot which thread :S
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