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Spiral Knights Review

by Trowzers

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Spiral Knights - 9.5 / 10

Spiral Knights Review
Spiral Knights is a new game created by Three Rings, and distributed by Sega. It is an online multiplayer game, running on Java, and using a free-to-play payment method.

Gameplay -9/10
The game starts with a simple tutorial level, before introducing you to the main town of Haven. From here you are free to explore the game world, known as the Clockworks, with up to three other players.

The Arcade - your access to the world of the Clockworks

Controls are simple - use mouse or keyboard for direction, and mouse buttons or keyboard letters to attack/interact, block or strafe. The controls are easy to learn, but can also be remapped, and the game also supports joystick/gamepads.

A typical Gate Map, showing different tiers

The levels are arranged into tiers of difficulty which mean that the deeper into the Clockworks you travel, the harder the enemies become, and the more vital it is that you use higher level equipment. Equipment can be either bought from vendors, or crafted using recipes and materials gathered on previous battles in the Clockworks.

The levels you can access via the various gates are constantly shifting, meaning you can never be exactly sure what you will come across next, and levels are less repetitive. Some levels are pre-built, but many other levels are randomly generated. Levels are themed into one of several different elements, which controls both the appearance and the types of enemies it contains.

A fire themed Arena level (after this Igot a little caught up and forgot I was playing to take screenshots!

The game provides PVP in the form of Super Brawl - Arena style challenges. Winners can receive special costume pieces which expire after a certain period, so you must keep fighting to keep them!

The game is Free to Play, where players are each granted 100 free 'Mist Energy' per day. This energy is used to either craft items, or access the different levels in the Clockworks. A special type of energy known as 'Crystal Energy' can be purchased (yes with real life money, after all the game has to earn it somehow) to allow a player to play more levels, craft more items, or access special upgrades that can't be bought with Mist Energy, such as trinket slots or extra weapon slots.

Presentation & Sound - 10/10
The game art was created by MacHall/ThreePanelSoul artist Ian McConville who brings a unique style to the game. Some might consider it a little 'cute' for their tastes, but you might soon change your mind when you reach the Graveyard levels (where the strategy is usually 'run!'). There are a range of fantastic characters, from downtrodden devils who get berated by their boss and throw office chairs, to pink ghostly 'spookats' who like to rush you from behind. The background scenery of the Clockworks is constantly changing, and you may find yourself taking a break from the action (when you can) just to admire the scenery.

My character and current armor/weapons

This is one of the only games I've ever played where I haven't felt an urge (not even a tiny one) to turn off the music. I haven't even turned it down. Considering that I have been beta testing this game for quite a while, and usually mute game music after the first hour or so, that is pretty impressive. The game sounds and music in this game are sympathetic to the player, and rarely annoying. Enemy sounds aren't random, and usually give a clue about their next attack.

Overall Conclusion
Spiral Knights is a simple, refreshing change from the over-complex and depressingly apocalyptic game fare usually served up these days. Many will be reminded of Zelda Four Swords and other classic multiplayer games, and it's not a bad comparison. As a free-to-play game, this is definitely worth a try for those who enjoy lighter-hearted games or even hard core gamers who want a break from their usual game style.

This game deserves a 9.5/10

Spiral Knights Review

Platform: PC
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Spiral Knights Australian Release: Out Now

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Darn, the preview button cleared the article thumbnail and I can't edit this now :/ Oh wells
never heard of this but i will google it naow :). good review.

A tip is to put your score afterwards so its more suspenseful ;). Rally liked the conclusion structuring though =D
Thanks! I don't write a lot of reviews so the feedback is appreciated.

I also wanted to put the release date (4/4) more prominently at the end :/ Especially as the forums and wiki are still locked until the full release so people going to the site to look at them may be a little disappoint :(
I like it when they have characters that look adorable but manage to also look evil in its own unique style.

Awesome review, Trowzers. :)

Btw, fixed your thumbnail for ya.
We were unable to download the necessary files after five attempts. You can try running the application again, but if it fails, you may need to uninstall and reinstall.

I still, to this day, get this message. WHAT IS GOING ONNNNN
Vinzor - I think it may just be bad timing. The game has closed for a few weeks prior to main release on 4/4. Try again after the 4th and if you are still having problems, try the forums at and I'm sure they will help you out.

One of my friends in the preview had some trouble due to his ancient graphics card, but he was able to sort it out with help from the devs there (and they are very helpful!). He was suprised it ran at all as his laptop wouldn't run any games, and from what I've heard it works smoothly on loads of computers (provided that you can run Java)
It's open now! Go play! I certainly have been :D:D:D
This game has been ruined with the latest update on May 17th, 2011. Don't even bother playing... especially spending money since the devs can change in-game costs at the drop of a hat. Overnight, the in-game currency I bought with REAL money was dropped 1/3 in value directly by the devs. Don't just take my word for it, visit their forums to see the outrage from the customers:
Great review @Trowzers
Nice review! It's a great game, and I was saddened by the fact that my laptop wasn't running it. Found out (on my own, the internet didn't help) that I had set my video card to do a crapload of stuff it shouldn't do (like extra anti-aliasing and whatnot) that put too much load. Turned them all off and it works perfectly. Maybe now all those other games that were supposed to work will work as well? (Like Trine). =D

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